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Tad Miller needs a job; OBNUG needs an intern

The Idaho Statesman wrote an interesting profile piece on former Boise State offensive lineman Tad Miller yesterday. The article was mainly about Miller's recovery from a knee injury and how he hopes to catch on with an NFL team this summer.

The item that caught our eye was the final paragraph:

Football is far from the only item on Miller's agenda these days. He's getting married in July, he's taking an online class to complete his degree in criminal justice and he's looking for a part-time job while he awaits word from the NFL, which holds its draft April 26-27.

It just so happens that One Bronco Nation Under God is looking for a part-time fact checker who has experience on the Broncos' offensive line. Drop us a line, Tad, and we'd love to get you in for an interview. Compensation DOE.

Miller, back from injury, works out [Idaho Statesman]