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Tad Miller interview

Former Boise State OL Tad Miller is busy preparing for the NFL Draft and NFL training camps, but he still found time to chat with OBNUG about football, life, and never blocking for Idaho Vandals. The following is an email interview with one of our favorite Broncos:

OBNUG: What are you doing now in regards to football?
Tad: I'm currently training. Since the beginning of January I've been down in Southern California at a facility called Pro Active Sports Performance. Marty Tadman was down there with me, we were roommates. We trained twice a day, six times a week. We got Sundays off to relax.

Marty and I both came back to Boise for the Pro Day and will probably be heading back down to California to continue training at Pro Active until the Draft (end of April).

OBNUG: If you had to block for an Idaho guy, would you do it?
Tad: No.

OBNUG: Compare Coach Hawkins to Coach Pete.
Tad: They were both great coaches. I highly respect Coach Hawk and Coach Pete. Coach Hawk had a lot more sayings and metaphors, Coach Pete is more to the point. Both styles were very effective and I enjoyed playing for both.

OBNUG: When Dan Hawkins left, did the team feel betrayed? Was there any motivation the following year to show him what he missed out on?
Tad: No, he did what he thought was best for his career, and our team was just focused on playing football.

OBNUG: Aside from the Fiesta Bowl, what was your favorite BSU experience?
Tad: Just being able to play football every week and Clady's Lambeau Leap into the endzone.

OBNUG: What was your worst experience?
Tad: Losing to Georgia in 2005.

OBNUG: Which player gave you the most trouble when you faced him?
Tad: Montavis Stanley from Louisville. It was my freshman year and he was a great player.

OBNUG: Which player did you own?
Tad: I played against too many guys to remember just one in particular.

OBNUG: What do you think of Andrew Woodruff?
Tad: He is one of my best friends, he is also a groomsmen in my wedding coming up in July. He is going to do great this year leading the O-line.

OBNUG: Do you know the other new guys on the line?
Tad: Yeah, they are all good guys and they'll have an awesome year.

OBNUG: Do you stay in touch with the other senior lineman?
Tad: Yes, were all good friends. We all hang out and keep in touch.

OBNUG: Did you have any nicknames for each other?
Tad: No, not really.

OBNUG: Are the Cavenders really twins or are they just one person?
Tad: No, they are twins. They are best friends. Each of them have their own

OBNUG: What is Tad short for?
Tad: I get asked that a lot. It's just Tad, it's not short for anything. I got the name from my Grandpa.

OBNUG: Do you have any kids? Are you going to make them play football?
Tad: No, I'm getting married July 5th of this summer. Maybe a couple years
after that though. And I'll let them play whatever they want.