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Southern Miss' NFL alumni get less god-like

We've been a little heavy on the coverage of the Southern Miss portion of Boise State's upcoming schedule (It's just too easy!), but some big news came from one of its biggest alumni today. Yep, Brett Favre is retiring! Let the praise begin.

From Sun Herald in Gulfport, MS:
That's what separates Favre from his peers. He kept playing. Injuries,
Father Time, family tragedy, it seemed almost nothing could stop him. Once he
succeeded Dan Majkowski as the Packers' quarterback, he never missed a start.
Never. That's the record that means the most to him. That's the record that
showed how much his teammates could count on him.

And I thought the interception record would be the one he held most dear to him. Seriously though, how is John Madden taking this today? Someone should check on him.

It was probably a good idea for him to retire so he didn't have to evade another wager from Daryn Colledge and Korey Hall. We'll be looking for him in Hattiesberg this year and will gladly bring along another shirt if he's looking for one.