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Southern Miss conceding victory?

In an article from the Hattiesburg American, an intrepid reporter tries to predict Southern Miss' record judging solely by the looks of the schedule. Here is his initial take.

I expect the Golden Eagles to win their season opener at home against Louisiana-Lafayette and add victories over Arkansas State, Marshall, UTEP, Rice, UAB and SMU. Conversely, I anticipate them losing to Auburn, Boise State, Memphis, East Carolina and Central Florida.

A few paragraphs later, he seems to have had a change of heart.
I see the Eagles taking care of business against UL-Lafayette, Boise State, Arkansas State, Marshall, Rice, Central Florida and UTEP, but falling victim to Auburn, Memphis, East Carolina, UAB and SMU.
<!--<p></p>-->In the matter of a few poorly constructed sentences, Boise State went from certain victor to certain loser. Kind of like the author.

Don't worry; readers let him have it in the comments.

Will Southern Miss football record improve? [Hattiesburg American]

UPDATE: Something reeks of censorship at the Hattiesburg American. After we posted this story about the dual-personality author, the website added a byline and changed the headlines to show that two different guys wrote the story. Don't worry, their sins live on in the comments section. What we wouldn't give for a screen grab right now.