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Scheduling wish list

When Boise State's schedule came out last week, we immediately thought that the Broncos were going undefeated. This is the same thought we have every offseason, and we usually continue having this thought until a road game at a BCS school.

The 2008 schedule seems to set up particularly nice for us with home games against Hawaii and Fresno, two games before our trip to Oregon, and creative scheduling early in the season. We like it.

But we feel that 2009 could be so much better.

Idaho State, Bowling Green, and Southern Miss do not get us excited. We want some new competition next season. Here is our wish list for Boise State football 2009.

  • Duke: We want Sean Renfree to know what he is missing: success, tradition, and blocking.
  • Washington: We could have easily beaten the Huskies last year, and we want another shot. This time, we will leave Taylor Tharp at home.
  • USC: If Idaho can lose to them, then we should be able to lose by a lot less.
  • Colorado: We want Dan Hawkins' to pay in eternity for his crimes against us, but we will settle for beating the Buffaloes by double digits.
  • The All-MAC team: Everyone is always saying that the WAC is a weak conference. Well, suit up the best players in the MAC and ship them out to Boise and we'll see about that.
  • The Chicago Bears: No one cuts Brock Forsey and gets away with it.
  • The Winnipeg Blue Bombers: Playing against Ryan Dinwiddie might make our heads explode. We want to find out.
  • The Boise Burn: Just to make sure that the Broncos are the best team in Idaho.