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Public Enemy #1: Sean Renfree's case

OBNUG is in the process of deciding who should be this website's most hated villain. We'll be presenting the cases for all of the candidates over the next few weeks. Enjoy.

Sean Renfree

The Duke Blue Devils have won four games over the past four years.

For some reason, Sean Renfree wanted to be a part of that.

The decorated Arizona prep quarterback chose the Blue Devils over a number of other college football teams, including Boise State. His spurning of the Broncos, in particular, really gets our goat, especially considering his rationale. Renfree based his decision on Duke's impressive academic record, the promise of playing time, and the experience of new head coach David Sutcliffe. We liken this to choosing a Quarter Pounder based on taste, texture, and presentation.

  • Academics: People do your papers for you when you're a college football star. Just ask Jeremy Childs.

  • Playing time: No one in the history of the world has ever wanted additional playing time at Duke.

  • David Sutcliffe: Sure he coached the Mannings, but he is also responsible for the last two years of Erik Ainge.

Besides, these reasons pale in comparison to the pros of attending Boise State.
  • Winning: The Broncos average nearly a WAC title per Duke win.
  • Practice reps: Learning from Kellen Moore is a lot more exciting than it sounds.
  • David Augusto: Ever wanted to be on TV? Ever wanted someone to take you to Shakespeare in the park?
Renfree's decision appears short-sighted and misinformed, but instead of feeling sorry for the kid, we feel absolutely no remorse. He had his shot to be a part of something special at Boise State and he threw that opportunity away. When he picked Duke over Boise State (effectively saying "yes" to losing, low completion percentage, and pain, and saying "no" to success, appreciation, and a future), he made a decision that he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

The pain of playing quarterback at Duke is temporary.

The scorn of Boise State fans is forever.