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OBNUG's trip to Birmingham

When Greg Graham shook hands with Rick Pitino before the game, it dawned on me that we were going to have to compensate for more than just size and speed. It showed from the opening tip when Louisville pressed and did not allow the Boise State offense to get into any sort of rhythm all night long. At least, after Louisville's systematic dismantling of Oklahoma on Sunday, our loss seems to look a little better.

All in all, our trip to Birmingham went pretty well. We took a few pictures. Most were before the game. We found it difficult to take more when the game finally got underway.

A big thanks to my friend Chad Uram, a Michigan fan, who made the trip with me and was an honorary member of Bronco Nation for the day and helped me pass out flyers. If you were at the game, I hope a flyer made its way into your hands. We personally handed one to the WAC commissioner, Karl Benson. We also got a compliment from David Augusto.

All in all, the spirits of the Boise State fans were pretty high before the game, and I think we all appreciated the effort by the team. The Broncos might have come out with a little of the deer-in-the-headlights look, but they rebounded to keep the game respectable.

So, how many days until Idaho State?