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OBNUG roster update: receivers

Spring football gets OBNUG in the mood to speculate, so over the next few weeks, we will be making blind guesses as to who will be starting for the Broncos in the fall. We’ll do it position-by-position. Today: Receivers.

Boise State football starting receivers

Ideal candidate: a 6'6" Tim Gilligan

Worst candidate: Captain Hook

Actual candidates: Jeremy Childs, Titus Young, Austin Pettis, Vinny Perretta, Julian Hawkins, Chris O'Neill, Ryan Putnam, Toshi Franklin, Tanyon Bissell, Tyler Shoemaker, various others

OBNUG's pick: Childs, Young, Pettis, and Perretta; O'Neill as the traditional tight end

What a stable of receivers. Next to running back, this position is the deepest, most talented on the roster. The starters are pretty obvious (Childs, Young, Pettis), but the addition of Perretta is where things get interesting. Will he be the fourth receiver? Will he have his own special package? Will he start at QB? Who knows? We can't wait to find out.