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OBNUG roster update: offensive line

Spring football gets OBNUG in the mood to speculate, so over the next few weeks, we will be making blind guesses as to who will be starting for the Broncos in the fall. We’ll do it position-by-position. Today: Offensive line.

Offensive line

Ideal candidate: This kid

Worst candidate: Kyle Brotzman

Actual candidates: Andrew Woodruff, Nate Potter, Chris Byrd, John Gott, Matt Slater, Garrett Pendergast, Paul Lucariello, others

OBNUG picks: Andrew Woodruff and John Gott at guard, Nate Potter and Matt Slater at tackles, Chris Byrd at center

Yesterday, we wrote about the importance of the offensive line, especially as it relates to the quarterback position. This group of guys has little experience (Woodruff is the only one with meaningful playing time), but we feel that they have the talent to get the job done for the Broncos. With senior leadership from Woodruff and Gott, things should go smoothly for the underclassmen, and we could be looking at a dominant bunch in a year or two.