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OBNUG roster update: Defensive line

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Spring football gets OBNUG in the mood to speculate, so over the next few weeks, we will be making blind guesses as to who will be starting for the Broncos in the fall. We’ll do it position-by-position. Today: Defensive line.

Defensive Line

Ideal candidate: a mountain

Worst candidate: a girl

Actual candidates: Ryan Winterswyk, Joe Bozikovich, Jarrell Root, Phillip Edwards, Sean Bingham, Chuck Hayes, J.P. Nisby, Mike T. Williams, Billy Winn, Chase Baker, et al

OBNUG’s pick: Winterswyk, Nisby, Bozikovich, Williams

Winterswyk and Williams are fairly obvious choices, although we could see Jarrell Root pushing Williams for playing time. The inside tackles are still very much up for grabs. We’re picking a freshman and a senior; we like Nisby’s strength and Bozikovich’s experience.