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OBNUG in Birmingham!

As disappointed as the rest of Bronco Nation was to hear that BSU would be playing its NCAA tournament in the East region and, consequently, in Birmingham, I was a little excited. Being the eastern arm of OBNUG since I live in Nashville, this was a nice surprise. Even more of a surprise, however, was finding out that Boise State would be in the late session on Friday night. Due to the length of the trip and prices of airfare, there were BSU tickets to spare, and I was able to procure myself a pair to the first round game.

So, for those of you able to make the trek or lucky enough to be in close proximity to the game, I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. For those of you who have a job, bills, and a fear of flying, I will attempt to sneak my laptop into the game and upload as many pictures of Billy Packer and Jim Nantz as I can. Go Broncos!