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New beverage helps improve underdog-ness

ReddRox, a Boise-based energy drink company, is out to turn the Gatorade world on its ear...with the help of the Boise State football team.
Gary Craner, Boise State University head athletic trainer, says he has seen good results with athletes who have tried the drink. Craner said it's always a challenge to get athletes to drink enough water but that hasn't been the case with ReddRox.

"We started putting ReddRox in the water and the players started drinking a lot more," Craner says. "As a result the student athletes have experienced little cramping that normally takes place when athletes don't drink enough water."

For now, the energy supplement comes in powder form, intended to mix in with water or a Fun Dip; but in the future, the company plans to produce its own bottled beverages. Whatever it is, it must be working because Boise State athletes are often the best conditioned players on the field. Perhaps it's the active gardening ingredients.
(ReddRox) found the answer in a South African plant that natives refer to as "red bush" and that local athletes were using as a hydration drink. They developed a way to crystallize the African red bush into granules that are 100-percent water soluble.

ReddRox is naturally caffeine free, and contains no sugars, calories, additives, preservatives, oxalic acid or colorants and contains the antioxidants of green tea without the unpleasant diuretic effect. But the key is that it adds back the natural minerals and electrolytes needed for hydration.

One thing that it does not add back is taste.

We remember when coaches thought drinking pickle juice before a game and popping M&M's at halftime was a good idea. Man, we're old. And still a little sick to our stomachs.

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