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Let OBNUG plan your Thursday night

Yesterday, Idaho Statesman columnist Brian Murphy wrote an article calling out Bronco football fans for not being Bronco basketball fans. Specifically, he wanted Bronco Nation to attend tonight's men's basketball against Utah State as if it were some sort of obligation.

We didn't appreciate Murphy's presumptive tone, and we certainly didn't like that he was trying to plan our Thursday night. But anything Murphy can do, OBNUG can do better, so here are our humble suggestions for Thursday night activities.

1. Watch LOST.
Maybe this week we find out why the statues only have four toes.

2. Go to Dairy Queen.
Medium Oreo Blizzards for everyone!

3. Plan a road trip to a BSU away game.
Eugene is only 530 miles away.

4. Re-watch the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.
Fast-forward past the Zabransky interception.

5. Write Brian Murphy a letter.
Preferably one telling how to spend his free time.