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Let Brian Murphy plan your Thursday night

In today's Idaho Statesman, columnist Brian Murphy pleaded with Boise State football fans to attend Thursday's Bronco basketball game.

...I'm making an exception today for all of those who call themselves Boise State fans - for the tens of thousands who show up at football games, who flocked to the Fiesta Bowl, who snap up hats and T-shirts and posters.

There is a pretty important men's basketball game Thursday night at Taco Bell Arena. The Broncos - your beloved Broncos, right? - host Utah State with the WAC regular-season championship and a postseason berth on the line...

Seems like a fan should be there.

We have a few problems with this. First off, he questioned Bronco Nation's loyalty. Second, he deigned to affect our social calendar. And third, he failed to understand that being a Bronco football fan has nothing to do with being a Bronco basketball fan.

We don't tell you how to write your condescending columns, so please don't tell us how to spend our free time.

BSU fans need to be at Thursday's game [Idaho Statesman]