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Jarrell Root: the real story

When news of Jarrell Root's knee injury broke, there was hardly any detail. We knew that he would miss spring ball, and we knew that he would need arthroscopic surgery. Other than that? Who knows!

Well, we wanted answers. And with no one around to provide any, we had to make up our own. Here are some possibilities for how Root got injured:
  • Running the "Q" offense
  • Being too awesome
  • Ryan Winterswyk's jealous rage
  • Andrew Woodruff sitting on him
  • The real team being more physical than the scout team
  • Hypochondriasis
  • A clever ploy to get Shea McClellin more playing time
Personally, we like the idea of him being too awesome for his knee. Besides, we hear that awesomeness is a great healing salve. Take care, Jarrell. We'll see you in the fall.