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Idaho president sick of losing

University of Idaho President Tim White has high aspirations for his school. Among them? Winning a WAC football game.

White, in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, said a successful sports program is key to the image of his Moscow, Idaho-based school.

"You bet it matters," said White, a former college water polo coach.

Idaho sports has had a troubled decade since moving to the Division I-A ranks, especially in the main revenue sports of football and basketball.

To think that the football program is bringing down the collective image of the University of Idaho is rather unfortunate. That is a lot of pressure to put on Nathan Enderle.

White puts a lot of blame on the coaching turnover.
"There was no stability in leadership," White said. "You can't do anything without that level of stability."
With Robb Akey back for his second season, it appears that White is confusing stability with longevity.

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