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Have a good weekend, Bronco fans

We had a lot of fun hanging out here for the BSU game. Of course, we would have more fun had the Broncos not lost by 18. All things considered, though, we are proud that the they got this far, and we look forward to the momentum gained from an NCAA appearance.

We also liked what we saw at the football scrimmage. The team showed some real promise at a variety of positions, and we can’t wait to see how far things have come along at the next scrimmage April 4. Here are the stats from today’s scrimmage:

Passing: Kellen Moore 10-14-0, 114 yards, 1 TD; Bush Hamdan 5-9-0, 61; Nick Lomax 6-9-1 70, 1 TD; Mike Coughlin 3-7-0 29.

Rushing: Ian Johnson 4-70 (TD), Doug Martin 10-59 (TD), Jarvis Hodge 3-57, D.J. Harper 9-40, Matt Kaiserman 4-18, Titus Young 1-9, Tanyon Bissell 1-8, Moore 1-6 (TD), Lomax 4-2, Toshi Franklin 1-(-1), Coughlin 2-(-15)

Receiving: Young 6-109 (TD), Michael Choate 5-33, Ricky Cookman 2-17, Franklin 2-16, Hodge 2-14, Sean King 1-25 (TD), Kaiserman 1-17, Austin Pettis 1-15, Bissell 1-12, Mitch Burroughs 1-7, Chris O’Neill 1-5, Tyler Shoemaker 1-4

Scoring plays: Moore 6 run, Young 14 pass from Moore, King 25 pass from Lomax, Johnson 66 run, Martin 24 run

See you Monday.