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Fresno State fans respond to schedule

and a WAC title?

Snooping around for some Fresno reaction to last week's schedule release, we found Bulldogs fans to be rather respectful about the season-ending matchup with the Broncos. Respectful, but wrong..

I like playing Boise late in the season. It's a great springboard for one of the teams into a BCS bowl. Becasue we had so many injuries last year and lots of guys had playing time, I think we will have better depth than Boise. This is really important late in the year...
I like the idea of playing Boise last. We should be clicking on all cylinders. The younger players will be more mature and experienced. From playing the tough schedule, they will be ready for anything Boise throws at them. I have a good feeling about this game...

Playing Boise for the last game is the only way to go. The predicted best 2 teams should play at the last game. Besides, BSU v. Fresno has started to be a good rivalry.

The Dog's will be up for the Utah State game no matter when it is scheduled.

Sorry, that last one didn't have anything to do with Boise State. It just made us laugh.

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