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ESPN guy ranks non-BCS teams

this may or may not be the right Adam Rittenberg's Adam Rittenberg seems to have drawn the short straw among the site's college football writers. His reward? Non-BCS conferences!

His ranking of the top non-BCS conference teams has BYU on the top (we like that pick), Fresno State second (predictable), and our very own Boise State Broncos third.

What we know: Minus safety Marty Tadman, the defensive back seven returns. So does running back and non-BCS posterboy Ian Johnson.
What we don't know: The starting quarterback and several first-team offensive linemen.
How the Broncos can reach a BCS bowl game: Win nonconference road games at Oregon and Southern Miss before the favorable WAC schedule (home against Fresno State and Hawaii).
Someone might need to tell him that Orlando Scandrick turned pro. Otherwise, we agree with his assessment, however obvious it might be.

Here is his take on Boise State's spring practice preview:
Quarterback also is a priority at Boise State, which breaks in a new starter for the second straight season. Bush Hamdan has held the top spot before, but fell to fourth on the depth chart last season. He will compete with Nick Lomax and Mike Coughlin this spring.
Apparently, he did not use this kid as a source.

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