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BSU's new offensive look

Word from Boise State spring practice is that the Broncos are implementing Nevada's "Pistol" offense into the playbook. This makes OBNUG feel weird.

The Broncos spent most of the first week of spring ball experimenting with formations and plays that are a combination of Boise State staples, the hip spread offense and — here’s where it gets uncomfortable — the rival Nevada Wolf Pack’s pistol offense.

Go ahead, Chadd Cripe. Tell us more.

The Broncos will place a tailback behind the quarterback in a one-back formation like Nevada. However, they also will put a fullback beside the quarterback for a unique two-back look.

Or, the Broncos might put a tailback or two beside the quarterback in the shotgun formation — setting up the spread option — or place the tailback behind the quarterback and offset like Florida.

Throw in wide receiver Tanyon Bissell or wide receiver Vinny Perretta at quarterback, and things get truly funky.

The goal for the Broncos is to retain their power-running plays while using the shotgun, which allows the quarterback to scan the field and direct the offense more easily than getting under center.

OK, we're sold.

We really like the options that this offense presents. You are a genius, Chris Peterson! A genius! This new formation (which BSU coaches call the "Q") could be an exciting twist to the traditional power runs and shotgun plays. You have our blessing, Boise State coaching staff.

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