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Bronco basketball falls to Utah State

The BSU men's basketball team fell at home to Utah State last night in a game that could have clinched the WAC title outright for the Broncos. The 19-point loss could end up costing BSU a high seed in next week's conference tournament.

But the most disappointing thing about the loss was that there were 10,000 anxious Bronco fans on hand to watch it happen, many of whom cannot get off this bandwagon fast enough (Brian Murphy first!).

There is a huge difference between igniting a fan base and throwing up back-to-back double-digit losses at home to end the regular season.

Just ask the disgruntled masses that filed out of Taco Bell Arena as the final minutes ticked away, leaving just the Aggie faithful to serenade the victors.

A chance squandered.

A moment not seized.

It should sting. Bad.

We at OBNUG are much less fickle when it comes to Bronco athletics. Sure, the men's basketball team let us down last night, and yes, the whole thing brought back memories of the Hawaii Bowl. But a loss in a big game is not going to affect how much we like the Broncos' basketball team. We liked them before, and we don't like them any less now.

The conference tournament will be fun to watch, and we'll try to have some coverage of it next. week. Let's hope at least a few people are still on the bandwagon.

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Photo courtesy Idaho Statesman.