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Bold predictions for the week ahead

Today is Opening Day in Major League Baseball, and we are excited to see the new names in new places. Guys like Johan Santana, Andruw Jones, Miguel Cabrera, and Torii Hunter could have a big influence on pennant races and division battles. One person not making much news is free agent slugger Barry Bonds. Fortunately, we have the perfect team for him: the Boise Hawks. Memorial Stadium is a hitter's park, Barry!

Here is what we see happening in the next few days.

  • In Friday's scrimmage, a beautiful pass from WR Tanyon Bissell will cause BSU message boards to fill up with debate that Bissell should be starting at quarterback. In related news, Nick Lomax will slip to fifth on the depth chart.
  • Coach Chris Peterson will pull an elaborate April Fool's joke on Bronco Nation, involving the naming of a starting quarterback. Brian Murphy will fail to see the humor.
  • Bush Hamdan will grant OBNUG an interview request, provided we stop referring to ourselves as a media outlet.