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Bold predictions for the week ahead

With a successful scrimmage in the books, the Boise State football team will be taking the next week off for spring break. Will OBNUG be doing the same? Hardly. But we may take a vacation from jokes at Utah State's expense.

Here is what we see happening over the next few days.

  • Message boards will burn up with rumors of Kellen Moore being the 2008 starting quarterback, forcing the BSU coaches to close off the Internet to fans and media.

  • With Boise State students flocking to the sunny beaches of California and Florida, most Bronco players will choose to stay near campus and enjoy the overcast shores of Lake Lowell and Lucky Peak Reservoir.

  • Not content with the number of formations, Coach Pete will spend the week installing Hawaii's spread attack, Fresno State's power formations, and whatever it is that Idaho does.