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Bold predictions for the week ahead

Spring is here! And with it, football! We couldn't be more excited about the football. And unless it rains on our truck that we just washed, we couldn't be more excited about the spring.

Without further ado, here is what we see happening in the next few days.

  • After the success of Ryan Clady's mall autograph session on Saturday, the Ann Taylor store will try to capitalize with its own Boise State football celebrity appearance. Sadly, punter Brad Elkin proves to be much less of a draw.
  • On the first day of spring football, the Boise State coaches name their starting quarterback: Ryan Dinwiddie, who was just granted college eligibility for eternity!
  • OBNUG will try to sneak in to watch spring practice only to be kicked out when it is decided that press passes made in Publisher and printed out on a home computer do not actually make one a member of the press. OBNUG will retaliate with a childish post about campus security.