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Bold Predictions for the Week Ahead

With the arrival of March comes the arrival of spring football, and OBNUG couldn't be more excited. The offseason has felt especially long after the bowl loss, so we are happy to get back to some real football. And yes, we will be reading entirely too much into what happens at the spring game.
  • Idaho State will pull out of the Broncos' 2008 schedule citing a desire to not lose by 56 points, and Gene Bleymaier will fill the open slot with the San Francisco 49ers, catering to Bronco Nation's demands of tougher scheduling.

  • BSU's Pro Day will go extraordinarily well, prompting many scouts to wonder just what went wrong in the Hawaii Bowl. There will be no answer.

  • In anticipation of spring practice, Bronco fans will begin practicing the "Boise"..."State" cheer in inappropriate public settings.