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Boise State basketball live-blog!!

Welcome to OBNUG's live blog of the Boise State-Louisville NCAA tournament game! Feel free to leave comments or just read along. The photo above is from OBNUG contributor Nick. He's at the game, and we'll be checking in with him throughout. Go Broncos!

Pregame: Nick reports a great atmosphere at the game. Joe Hughes and David Augusto are in the building, and WAC commissioner Karl Benson is bleeding blue and orange tonight. We printed off some sweet signs for fans to hold up. Keep an eye out for lots of orange on your TV screen.

Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery are doing the TV coverage. Could it get any better? I think not!

19:42: first points to Louisville.

19:29: first turnover to Boise State.

19:28: first Boise State slighting from Verne Lundquist.

18:32: Crowd sounds decisively pro-Louisville.

17:01: We're not scoring points, but we are collecting Louisville fouls.

16:46: Padgett to the bench. That should help open things up.

15:43: First BSU basket from Thomas. It's about time. Hopefully that will calm the Broncos down; they look like they're playing tight.

13:51: Louisville 13, Boise State 5. The Cardinals are shooting great from downtown. Reggie Larry, summon your super powers and save us!

11:50: Louisville 18, Boise State 13. We're starting to warm up from three-point range. Larry almost tore his leg off, sliding on the giant NCAA saucer logo at halfcourt. My goodness, could that thing get any bigger? The logo, not Larry's leg.

CBS just cut away from the game! Come on! To the Internet!

10:05: Louisville 26, Boise State 15. That lead sure grew fast. (Oh, and CBS is back; thanks Greg Gumbel.)

9:25: Did Matt Nelson leave his game in Boise? He's been a non-factor.

7:31: Louisville 30, Boise State 19. Larry dunk! Bill Raftery approves!

4:56: It will be hard to close that deficit with Louisville shooting the way they are. It will be hard, too, when Padgett returns in the second half.

3:21: Louisville 38, Boise State 24. It would be nice to get this deficit down to single digits by halftime. Of course, we'll have to defend the three to do that.

Halftime: Louisville 44, Boise State 31. With the Cardinals shooting 57 percent from the floor, they look tough to beat. First half highlights: that one Reggie Larry dunk, Verne Lundquist calling Tommy John surgery a disease, and when we weren't behind by double digits.

19:45: And we're back. Our man at the game, Nick, says the BSU fans are still in it. Sounds like a Brian Murphy story to me.

18:00: Louisville 48, Boise State 35. The Broncos almost let things get away from them there at the start, but a nice little run forced Pitino to take a timeout.

15:57: Louisville 54, Boise State 35. The Cardinals are 10-of-17 from three. That's not a three-point percentage; that's a completion percentage.

14:28: Louisville 54, Boise State 40. The first reference to Boise State fans, and it only took 2/3 of the game to get it. Naturally, the reference was to how few of them are in attendance.

12:38: Louisville 61, Boise State 42. The lead continues to grow. Louisville is just shooting the lights out, and we are turning the ball over way too often against their press.

10:03: Nelson has looked better since his slow start, but it's probably too little, too late.

9:34: Larry dunk! Every time Reggie Larry dunks, Bill Raftery compliments the Broncos. That would be two compliments for those of you keeping track at home.

6:41: Louisville 66, Boise State 52. The Broncos have climbed back to within 14 points. It's funny how we look so much bigger against WAC opponents. Faster, too. These Louisville Cardinals are just a different breed.

4:43: And the announcers have delved into football conversation...and they can't figure out the name of the play that one the Fiesta Bowl.

4:13: The lead is 20.

2:55: Louisville 75, Boise State 59. At least the Broncos aren't showing any quit. Good for them.

0:23: This one is just about in the books. Greg Graham just took out his seniors, and Louisville took out its starters.

Final: Louisville 79, Boise State 61. The Cardinals were just on fire tonight. They shot the lights out from three-point range (50 percent), and they played some tough defense. Still, Boise State had its share of good moments, and we certainly looked like we belonged.

We'll have pictures from the game later this weekend, and we'll have some more recap next week.