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An open letter to spring football

Dear spring football,

Boy are we glad you're here.

This offseason has been a long one for us considering the way last year ended. Plus, we had to deal with the Jeremy Childs suspension, players turning pro, injuries to David Shields and Kyle Wilson, and Fresno State being the WAC favorite despite their being Fresno State.

You couldn't have come at a better time, and we can't wait to have the Broncos back on the practice field. We're glad to have something to talk about besides Jeb Putzier's NFL career.

There are a lot of intriguing topics with this 2008 Bronco squad, and we hope that you will help clear up some of our questions. Or at least make the list shorter.

  • Who will be the starting quarterback?
  • Is Doug Martin the future? And is the future now?
  • Who would win a battle of strengths between Byron Hout and Daron Mackey?
  • Will Childs and Wilson be missed?
  • Who is going to replace the linemen who graduated?
  • Will the Vinny Perretta veer option offense that we scrawled on a napkin and mailed to coach Chris Peterson be on the practice sched?
  • Did Austin Pettis get any faster?
  • Did Jeron Johnson get any more durable?
  • What is the deal with that Ian Johnson guy?
We'll be checking in as often as we can to see how things are going. Hopefully, you can give us some answers to these questions before we start making up conclusions on our own.

Oh, and one last thing. Can you stay around until late June? We can't stand the thought of four months without football.


OBNUG team