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You can't keep Brock Forsey down

One of our favorite Boise State football players of all-time is former RB Brock Forsey. He was one of the greatest backs in Bronco history, and we will never forget his brilliant 2002 senior season.

Chicago Bear fans, apparently, will never forget his 191-yard, two-touchdown rookie season.

Those loyal supporters created an online fan club called the Brock Forsey Experience, which celebrates the Chicago Bears and the qualities embodied by Forsey.

But why Brock? Let's have them tell us.

It was important for our group to choose a symbol that represents the qualities that the members most identify with: Toughness, questionable athletic ability, occasional acne problems, and that feeling of being an underdog. Nothing symbolizes this more than Brock.
Well put, Bears fans. But we would have added awesomeness, sticking it to WAC competition, and jackhammer.

[The Brock Forsey Experience]