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Welcome to the family, various others

The rest of the BSU recruiting class looks pretty good. I couldn't easily find video for any of these guys, but there should be some on the and websites. The future looks bright for the Broncos!

Darren Koontz
6'4" 265
Los Alamitos High

Chris Berman nickname:
Darren "Coo-coo-ca-Koontz"

Berneil Myers
6’2", 265 pounds, 4.9 40, Offensive Guard
Westfield High School, TX

Chris Berman nickname:
"Ber-neil Diamond" Myers

Tom Swanson
6’7" 290 pounds, Offensive Tackle
Skyline High School, WA

Chris Berman nickname:
Tom "Swan Lake" Swanson

Spencer Gerke
6’3", 245 pounds, 5.0 40, Defensive end
Bishop Kelly, ID

Chris Berman nickname:
Spencer "Gerke-jerky"

Bronson Durrant
6’3", 270 pounds, Offensive guard
Marist High School, OR

Chris Berman nickname:
"Bronson-saurus" Durrant or Bronson "Duran Durrant"

Joe Kellogg
6’4", 290 pounds, 5.13 40, Offensive guard
Saguaro High School, AZ

Chris Berman nickname:
Joe "What the Kell-ogg"

Greg Grimes

6'0", 270 pounds, Defensive Lineman
Inderkum High School, CA

Chris Berman nickname:
Greg "If you can't do the time, don't do the Grimes"

Jamar Taylor
6'0", 185 pounds, Cornerback
Helix High School, CA

Chris Berman nickname:
Jamar "Taylor made"