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Welcome to the family, Tyler Jackson

For the next couple days, we'll be profiling BSU's recruiting class. Enjoy.

A nice interview with Jackson (hint: he's the one without the mullet).

Tyler Jackson
6'0", 185 pounds, Safety
Douglas County High School, CO

Boise State commitment Tyler Jackson picked up Gold Helmet presented by the Denver Post anually to the top senior football player, scholar and citizen. He certainly has the flair for the dramatic. In Colorado's 5A championship game, he definitely rose to the occasion:
And his punt block, his third of the game and one that could serve as a how-to
video, one he had instinctively recovered then returned for a touchdown in the
closing moments of regulation, went for naught. A penalty far from the block
negated the score.
Sounds like shades of Scandrick. Also reported in the article was a game against Rangeview in which Jackson intercepted 3 passes and returned a fumble for a touchdown in the span of 8 minutes and 36 seconds in the 3rd quarter.

The Bronco program definitely has a propensity for red-shirting freshmen so we probably won't be seeing him until to 2009 season. Sounds like he'll be worth the wait.

Something to think about:
How much would you pay for the Golden Helmet on eBay?

Chris Berman nickname:
Tyler "Apple Jackson"

Tyler Jackson awarded Gold Helmet [Denver Post]