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Welcome to the family, Daron Mackey

For the next couple days, we'll be profiling BSU's recruiting class. Enjoy.

Daron Mackey
6'0", 230 pounds, Linebacker
Bakersfield College, CA

Mackey could be BSU's best recruit out of the 2008 recruiting class. He is a strong, powerful playmaker, and he was great at forcing turnovers in junior college. He joins an already strong linebacker unit, but here's hoping he finds a way to crack the lineup. He sounds like a player.

Mackey was the only juco recruit for BSU this year, so he comes into spring practice with an advantage over the rest of the newcomers. Normally, the Broncos have multiple juco transfers, but the emphasis this year has been on more freshmen. Perhaps the notoriety from the Fiesta Bowl makes the school more appealing to incoming freshmen, and we are able to find the quality players we need from high school. I would prefer that we keep our junior college recruits coming because they have had better experience against better talent, and they have matured to the point they can come in and contribute right away. I think Mackey will be one of those key players.

Something to think about:
How does Derrell Acrey feel at this point?

Chris Berman nickname:
Daron "Big Mack-ey"