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Welcome to the family, Chris Potter

For the next couple days, we'll be profiling BSU's recruiting class. Enjoy.

Potter (#1) shows some good moves in the open field.

Chris Potter
5’9", 152 pounds, Wide Receiver
Oaks Christian High School, CA

Size aside, Potter sounds like a great addition to the Broncos offense. Scouting reports say he runs great routes and catches everything thrown his way, which means he will certainly have a place in the BSU offense. He used to catch balls from Jimmy Clausen, but with the prep star departed, Potter stepped in at quarterback for the team and led them to the playoffs.

It might take him awhile to crack the lineup, but when he does, Potter should be a valuable addition. I can see him filling in nicely in the slot receiver spot and making big plays for the Broncos.

Something to think about:
How many times during his freshman year will he use the "I have Jimmy Clausen's phone number in my cell" line on an upperclassman girl?

Chris Berman nickname:
Chris "Potter and the clay"

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