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Welcome to the family, Byron Hout

Over the next couple days, we'll be profiling the new Bronco recruiting class. Enjoy!

Byron Hout
6'1", 225 pounds, 4.6 40, Linebacker
Lake City High School, ID

You can tell a lot about how far Boise State has come in the commitment of Hout. Time was that Idaho’s best high school players would choose to go elsewhere to play college ball, but Hout, a two-time state player of the year, decided long ago to stay put in his home state.

And we could not be happier that he did. He should follow in a long line of great linebackers at Boise State, continuing the tradition of Andy Avalos, Korey Hall, and friends. It will be interesting to see what the Bronco coaching staff decides to do with his eligibility. The team’s linebacking corps returns in tact from last year, so there is really no need to rush Hout into the lineup. Then again, there is no doubt that the 6’1", 225-pound playmaker would make a difference.

Something to think about:
Could Byron Hout actually kill someone with a tackle?

Chris Berman nickname:
Byron "Who Let the Dogs Hout"

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Photo courtesy Spokesman Review