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Ode to Marty Tadman

On Valentine's Day, let us all remember one of our personal favorite Bronco football players, Marty Tadman. Who didn't love this scrappy, tattoo-covered, Jesus-loving, ball-hawking safety roaming center field and stepping up to deliver crushing hits on opponents' unsuspecting running backs? Is there anyone? I thought not.

Now, Valentine's Day is supposed to be a glorious and happy day (I'm sure all of you couldn't wait for today to arrive and to deal with your significant other's wildly high expectations that you have no shot of fulfilling. Good luck!). So, push back those tears. Yes, we all wish his freshman year hadn't been wasted due to injuries in the secondary that forced him to burn his redshirt. Yes, we should be gearing up for one more year of highlights from Marty. Today, however, we choose to celebrate our love for one of the best all around and underappreciated players in Boise State history.

So, here's to you, Marty. Good luck in your future endeavors. Thank you for deciding to show up in the Hawaii bowl and be one of the few bright spots in an otherwise ugly game that we would all love to forget. We will miss watching you light up naive opponents as they enter the Boise State secondary. Most of all, we will missing having a clutch player like you (well, as clutch of a player as you can be in football) to lead our defense.

Now go make an NFL roster and light some people up on special teams.