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Idaho puts spin on incoming class

Idaho coach Rob Akey feels his new recruiting class if full of "winners." No word on if the Vandals got any "athletes," "football players," or kids that other teams "wanted."

"I'm like every football coach in the country," said Akey, whose team finished 1-11 last fall. "I'm happy today. We think a lot of these guys or we would not have offered them scholarships.

"I think the fact that every guy on this list comes from a winning program says a lot... In regards to helping teach how to win and change expectations of winning, recruiting winners helps add that."

The Vandals ranked behind Fresno and BSU in the WAC recruiting standings, so they must have done something right. Their class, which includes two good running backs among others, should help them get out of the WAC cellar and maybe even come within 20 points of the Broncos in the next few years. That's what "winners" do.

Idaho recruits a class of 'winners' [Idaho Statesman]