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Grading the classes: Utah State

This week, OBNUG will be grading the recruiting classes for each WAC team. Our research may be spotty, but as you can see from the final result, there is no questioning our loyalty.

Utah State

One publication described the Utah State recruiting class as big on warm bodies. I assume this was meant as a compliment.

"We’re excited about this class coming in," recruiting coordinator Danilo Robinson said. "We’ve addressed some needs that we have and hopefully some guys can come in and fill some holes. We’re excited about this group and are looking forward to a great year from them.

"On average, they’re a little bit taller, a little bit faster and have a little bit more potential to play right away for us. We’re excited about this crop so far."
I don't even know where to begin with that.
The Aggies won their final two games of the season — both on the road, no less — and carried that momentum into the recruiting process.

Apparently, it paid off.
If by "paid off" you mean that people actually signed with the team, then you would be correct. Twenty-one newcomers were lured with the promise of playing time and approachable Utah co-eds. Want to start a large Mormon family and play some quarterback? Then you've come to the right place.

Twelve of the recruits play offense, including two quarterbacks, two running backs, three wide receivers, and three tight ends. Never mind having people to block for these guys, Utah State seems to be planning the world's largest seven-on-seven drill. Good luck with that.

We want you to succeed, Utah State. We don't like making fun of you all the time. But seriously, help us out a little bit. We're running out of jokes. rank: 119 rank: 101
OBNUG grade: F

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