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Grading the classes: San Jose State

This week, OBNUG will be grading the recruiting classes for each WAC team. Our research may be spotty, but as you can see from the final result, there is no questioning our loyalty.

San Jose State

The Spartans incoming class features only 17 new players, due to the fact that seven scholarships were revoked due to low test scores (and by "low test scores," we mean "nearly losing to Idaho"). Head coach Dick Tomey's connection to the vacant Hawaii job this offseason did not cost the team any players, probably because those players didn't have scholarship offers elsewhere.

The best recruit might be Ina Liaina whose name may or may not be spelled correctly here. As a linebacker/running back hybrid, Liaina has a good shot of making the team at both positions, considering this is San Jose State and all. Seriously, though, he'll be a linebacker.

"It's a good group," Tomey said. "Where we needed help right away we're going to get help, and where we needed young guys to come in and learn, we got that."
Translation: "I have nothing particularly interesting to say about these guys, and I'm not even sure I've seen them all before."

You have to love playing in the WAC. rank: 116 rank: 115
OBNUG grade: F

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