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Fresno hires new offensive coordinator

The Fresno State Bulldogs hired Doug Nussmeier as their new offensive coordinator, setting off a homerism firestorm at the offices of the Fresno Bee.

Fresno State is expected to be the favorite to win the Western Athletic Conference and already is projected as the preseason-favorite among non-Bowl Championship Series programs to contend for a BCS bowl.
Unbiased journalism at its finest.

Now might be a good time to mention that Nussmeier is coming over from the St. Louis Rams where he served as quarterbacks coach for a team that struggled mightily in the unprepared hands of backup quarterback Gus Frerotte. Also, Nussmeier is an Idaho Vandal.

Nevertheless, Pat Hill is awfully enthused to have him on board.

"I felt it was a perfect fit," Hill said. "With a senior quarterback and the success that we had last year and the teaching progression of our quarterback, especially late in the year, I thought it was really important to find someone that would have continuity in the language and the thoughts that we were having here. He's got street credibility. He's been to a place that a lot of college athletes want to be. When he talks, they'll listen."

At least now we know who is serving the Kool-Aid.

Nussmeier is the 'perfect fit' for Bulldog football [Fresno Bee]

Photo courtesy of Fresno Bee