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February blues

Oh, how I hate February, the most desolate month for sports fans. Football is over. Need I say more? There is college hoops if you are into that sort of thing. There's the NBA if you are really desperate (I, myself, have turned to this in light of the Blazers' strong start this year). Or, if you really can't find anything better to do, there's the NHL. Now, there's nothing wrong with these sports. They are a welcome distraction on weeknights from the relentless hashing and rehashing on all the terrible football shows. However, standing on their own, it's quite the depressing scene on Sunday afternoons. On top of all this, smack dab in the middle of February is the sometimes loved, often hated, Valentine's Day.

Well, February does throw us one bone. We do have signing day. We get to celebrate over abitrary rankings based on two or three sources since we've never seen these kids actually play (and based on Notre Dame's past class rankings and subsequent 2007 record, they really aren't much better than us judging grainy Youtube highlights.). Every few years, the Super Bowl gets pushed to February so I guess that could count.

This year, February has given us a little something extra. You might agree/disagree with the merits of this whole Mitchell report and Clemens saga, but I doubt many would disagree that it's entertaining. So, today bundle up, flip on the tv, tune in your radio, monitor Jason Stark's live blog because today will be interesting. I know I'm excited.