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ESPN Widget entertaing to say the least

widgetI've added this handy little ESPN widget to my iGoogle homepage that is sure to keep me up to date on all of Boise State's greatest storylines--through the eyes of ESPN at least. First of all, as you can see they've yet to remove the Hawaii Bowl score. Thanks a lot. Secondly, the first link under team news leads to Schlabach's top 25 for next year that has no reference to Boise State but does have Fresno State at number 25, which is typical of their preseason overratedness. I'm used to it by now.

The real gem that this widget brings is the second link under Team News: "WAC signing day conversation." When I click on the link, I'm greeted with a wonderful invitation to join in the WAC signing day conversation. Of all 19 comments that were received, here are some of my favorites (complete with pictures because, well, profile pictures for commenters are a favorite of mine):

I think he's talking about the pack of wolves nestled in his beard for the winter.

johnnyhurl seems to be taking heart in numbers. Whenever you are just happy that your school was able to give away all their scholarships, well that can't be very good. And if you guessed that he's a Hawaii fan by the fact that he is not wearing a shirt, you'd be correct.

I'm glad Moose has relieved me of my duty to sit by my phone waiting for Mr. Hansen to call. The all caps on EAST CAROLINA was a nice touch also. I choose to believe he got worked up enough that he was really yelling out loud as he typed that.