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Copyright scandal? Eh, whatever

Kudos to KTVB Channel 7 and for unearthing this gem of a story: it appears that someone else is using the Broncos logo!

A Canadian football club adopted a logo and color scheme – leading many to notice the similarity to Boise State’s athletics logo.

The Kamloops Broncos of British Columbia compete in the Canadian Junior Football League – and have a logo that mirrors that of the Boise State Broncos. Fans at first noticed the similarity.

"It's interestingly similar to ours," Boise State Marketing and Promotions director Brad Larrondo said.

David Augusto is Stone Phillips!

But before we get all 48 Hours Mystery on this story, let's keep in mind that the Kamloops Broncos are a minor league Canadian football team that went 1-9 last year. And they are already planning on changing their logo for the 2008 season.

Thank goodness we didn't have to break out the Scooby-doo Mystery Machine van for this one.

Which Broncos? Team uses logo similar to Boise State []

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