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Clady's combine grade: incomplete

Ryan Clady suffered a pectoral injury during the bench press and was forced to sit out the rest of the drills during the NFL Combine on Saturday. He was able to bench 225 pounds 24 times, which didn't even place him in the top 10 of linemen. Michigan's Jake Long had the highest number at 37.

Will his performance hurt his draft stock? Not if Brian Murphy has anything to say about it!

He probably doesn't have enough time to pass Long on draft charts, but Clady's status as the second-best tackle in the draft should not change much - even in a draft teeming with quality offensive tackles.

"There are six offensive tackles that might go in the first round," NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said. "Eight offensive tackles might go in the first two rounds. I've never seen that kind of depth."

Clady's spot in the first round should be secure. His million-dollar future should be OK.

That is quite some eisegesis he put on that quote.

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