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BSU ranked in some random person's poll

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Not sure how excited we want to get over this (my odds are on "not at all"), but a random Internet poll has Boise State in the top 25.

23. Boise State Broncos
RB Ian Johnson returns for what seems to be his 10th year in Boise and the Broncos will be breaking in new QB, Michael Coughlin. You would think Boise is gonna stop producing after all these years but I don't think it happens this year. Boise has 13starters returning and their hungry to regain the WAC title again.
We'll take the respect wherever we can get it. Oh, I'm also grateful that he figured out our starting quarterback for us. Kudos, Mitch Harper.

2008 Pre-Spring Top 25 Poll [Mitch Harper's College Football Blog]