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Bronco Stadium too small

Hawaii led the WAC in attendance in 2007, thanks in part to a successful year but mostly because of its giant stadium. Cheaters. Fresno State was second, averaging over 36,000 per game, and Boise State came in third at 30,338 per contest.

Considering that capacity at Bronco Stadium is 30,000 people, BSU fans were doing all they could to pack the house every game. The stadium just isn't big enough.

Cripes reported in the Statesman this week that the new construction project at the stadium is right on schedule, and when it is completed this summer, it will raise the capacity to 32,000. No doubt the new addition will be wonderful. We can't wait to see it. But we also can't wait to see the South end zone closed in.

Let's get it done, BSU administration. We don't like losing to Hawaii and Fresno in anything.

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