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Bold Predictions for the Week Ahead

We had a good time watching the Oscars last night, although we were a little disappointed that there was a complete lack of sports throughout the entire four-plus hours. Couldn't we at least have had Will Ferrell do something in short basketball shorts? We will never understand Hollywood.

Here is what we see happening in the nex

  • Orlando Scandrick blows everyone away at the Combine on Tuesday, prompting scouts to wonder: "If Scandrick is this good, then Marty Tadman must be great!"
  • Academy Award voters go see Into the Blue, declare it the finest documentary ever made, and reverse their decision to give the Oscar to some foreign flick instead.
  • Ryan Clady's disappointing Combine performance will be overshadowed when, at BSU's Pro Day, he runs the 40 in 4.3, drags an airplane across the field with his teeth, deadlifts a live horse, jumps from midfield to the top of the new press box and walks on the Boise River.