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4.32 seconds of awesome

Orlando Scandrick made quite a name for himself yesterday at the NFL Combine. By posting the fourth fastest time out of everyone, the former Boise State cornerback should see his stock rise in the April draft. In the meantime, his blazing spring got us thinking: how fast exactly is 4.32 seconds?

Well, we did some research and compiled the following list of things that can happen in 4.32 seconds.

  • The University of Idaho can fall behind by two touchdowns
  • Dan Hawkins can change his mind about wanting to coach at BSU
  • Sean Renfree can make the worst decision of his life
  • Paul J. Schneider can misidentify three Boise State football players and one coach
  • Taylor Tharp can run 15 yards
  • The Aiona Key era can begin and end
  • Gene Bleymaier can schedule a I-AA opponent