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New football league drafts two BSU players

I have no idea who these people are.

The All-American Football League (motto: "Football is football, right?") held its first annual draft Saturday, and two former Boise State players were chosen.

Antuan Carter, a backup running back to Lee Marks on the 2005 team, went in the eighth round to Alabama. The eighth round doesn't sound so hot, but due to the fact that the new league has only six teams, he was actually the 43rd overall pick and third running back chosen. Not bad.

Lawrence Bady, a wide receiver who graduated in 2005, was picked by Arkansas in Round 42.
Your number one overall pick? Zarah Yisrael, an offensive lineman from Troy. Yeah, this league is headed places.

Round by round draft [All-American Football League]

Photo courtesy AAFL website