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Greetings, Bronco Nation

Welcome, Boise State football fans.

The last few years have been quite the ride for BSU football. We had the upset of David Carr's Fresno State, the five straight WAC championships, the Brock Forsey era, and the Fiesta Bowl win. There is no time like the present to be a Bronco fan. Correction: last year was probably a better time to be a Bronco fan.

As such, the population of Bronco Nation has expanded rapidly as of late. Everyone who has ever lived in Boise, driven through Boise, or caught a Jared Zabransky interception is on the BSU bandwagon. We consider ourselves a vital part of Bronco Nation, although we're a little upset we missed the vote on naming it Bronco Nation and we would have liked someone to seek our opinion. We would have gone with Unincorporated Dinwiddie County of Hendricksland.

We are originals. We may not have started the bandwagon, but we have been riding shotgun ever since the Carl's Jr. on the way to Division I-A. Without a doubt, we are biased homers, unable to make big decisions in life without wearing our Boise State shorts and stroking our Chris Peterson bobbleheads.

This site will be a reflection of our fanhood. There will be plenty of pictures and videos, but just as much rambling and ranting. Of course, everything will be unabashedly pro-Broncos and decidedly anti-Dan Hawkins. We'll take any tips or stories you want to send us because, like a Taylor Tharp sideline throw, we're lazy and don't have much motivation. Here's the address:

We'll get this thing kicked off around signing day with some stats, analysis, video, and lots of overhyped blabbering. We feel that last part is what we do best. In the meantime, we'll be crossing our fingers about Jeremy Childs, sending Orlando Scandrick unsolicited career advice, and counting down the days to the start of the season.

See you around,

OBNUG staff