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Bronco radio home for sale

The radio broadcasting rights for Boise State football and men's basketball will be up for grabs following the current men's basketball season. The Boise Weekly has a fascinating story on the topic:

Citadel Broadcasting has held the contract for Boise State football and men's basketball since 1970, but the group's latest contract expires at the end of this year's basketball season.

With the increasing popularity of the teams, due in large part to the football program's winning record and strong reputation, Boise State has become a desirable brand to be associated with.

"We've obviously gotten more interest than in past [opportunities to bid]," said Curt Apsey, senior associate athletic director at Boise State. "It comes with the success.

"Hopefully, BSU can take advantage of a better bid than in the past," he said.

The call for bids went out last fall, dangling a tantalizing four-year contract in front of broadcasters. Since then,, a Web site dedicated to the Boise radio broadcasting business, has been buzzing with theories about tactical bidding plans of the area's heavyweight companies.

The main players are Citadel (the current owner), Peak, and Tester Broadcasting, and there is no timeline for BSU's decision.

Personally, I could not be happier. I love it when media changes hands because it injects a new, lively feel into things. Bringing in new people means new ideas and new ways of of thinking. What could be better than that?

I can think of one thing: no more Paul J. Schneider. Part of me respects the man for being the voice of the Broncos for 35 years, but another part of me wonders if he really knows anything about football or broadcasting. I downloaded the radio call from the Fiesta Bowl because I wanted to hear Paul J.'s take on things, and I got four hours of him misidentifying plays and players, talking over Jeff Caves, and getting excited at the completely wrong times. I'm sure that pretty much every other game is like this, and I'm sure that we are in need of a change.

If OBNUG had a vote (and we most certainly do not), we would take Tester Broadcasting...provided Claudia Weathermon .

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