Reasons for loosing to San Diego State

  1. 2pt conversion. Cant we kick an extra point like a normal team does??
  2. Offensive play calling

Five Things Broncos Must Do

  1. Keep Kicking Until It GoesThrough
  2. Run At Angles And Not Straight Ahead
  3. Stop The Insanity: Doing It Over and Over Again Expecting A Different Result.
  4. Go To, To Your Go Two
  5. Pull Play Rabbits Out Of The Hat, "Trickeration"

Athlon's list of all-time greatest Boise State football players

  1. Kellen Moore
  2. Randy Trautman
  3. Ryan Dinwiddie
  4. Cedric Minter
  5. Ryan Clady

My series of unfortunate events this morning:

  1. Reading MWCConnection's twitter:
  2. Getting teaser of Oregon's new signal calling:
  3. Reading article about Oregon's new signal calling:,233368#remaining-content
  4. Watching one of the defining moments in Vandal football history:

Non-BSU games to watch (Week 7):

  1. 10:00am [20] Oklahoma vs. [3] Texas (abc) - Early game. Not even enough time to grab a corn dog and puke it on the Zipper. It's the Big 12, so expect a lot of turnovers and a little of defenese.
  2. 01:30pm [6] USC @ [25] Notre Dame (NBC) - If USC loses to a team that beat Washington, should they even be ranked anymore?
  3. 03:00pm Hawaii @ Idaho ( - Could get ugly. After all, it is being played in the Thunder Dome.
  4. 04:00pm [4] Va Tech @ [19] Ga Tech (ESPN2) - Georgia Tech has a potent trippple option. Maisel thinks strong defensive performances vs. Miami, Duke, & BC makes them tough against the run.
  5. 05:45pm [22] S. Carolina @ [2] Alabama (ESPN) - Alabama has been tough, but South Carolina seems to play tough in every big game... only to never win.

Non-BSU games to watch:

  1. 10.00am - BC @ [5] VaTech (Gameplan)
  2. 01.30pm - [3] Alabama @ [20] Ole Miss (CBS)- Are YOU cheering for Nutt?
  3. 04.00pm - Take a nap. Nothing on during this hour.
  4. 05.15pm - Colorada @ [2] Texas (ESPN) - Will Taxes cover the spread? Will Coach Hawk bench his own son (again)?
  5. 06.00pm - [1] Florida @ [4] LSU (CBS) - Game of the week. Sad thing #1: everyone says a Florida loss doesn't keep them out of the NC game (not just BCS, NC!) sad thing #2: If it's played close, neither team may not drop below the Broncos.

Loque luck likes lists! (non-BSU games to watch)

  1. Fri 7pm ESPN - Mizzouri @ UNR - Graham's heart tied in knots. Does she cheer her new boyfriend or the team she covered which landed her the ESPN job?
  2. 10am Gameplan - Fresno @ [14]Cincinnati - Can Fresno alleviate our fears left over from last week?
  3. 1:½pm ABC regional? - [6]Cal @ Oregon - Let's face it. Any chance at a NC relys on how Oregon performs the rest of this year. It may even affect our BCS chances should TCU have a chance to jump us.
  4. 6pm ABC - Iowa @ [5]Penn State - A Big10 matchup = expect a whole lot of nothing. We hope PSU falls.
  5. 7:¼pm ESPN2 - TTech @ [17]Houston - Should be a shootout where we praise that we have a defense.

My weekend other-than-BSU games to watch (all times MST)

  1. 10a - Ohio State @ Toledo - It'll probably be ugly.. but, "Please, please, please, pleeeeeease!"
  2. 1:30p - Tulsa @ Oklahoma - To weaken BYU's schedule and toughen ours
  3. 1:30p - Utah @ Oregon - Sorry, Utah, but we NEED Oregon to show UP.
  4. 3p - Nevada @ Colorado State - I expect more from UNR and I'm seeing more from CSU. Should be a good game.
  5. 5p - Florida State @ BYU - Don't hate me if I want BYU to win.

Short list for KTVB's 2009 Boise State football sideline reporter

  1. Justin Corr
  2. Larry Gebert
  3. A sentient Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Burger
  4. Jared Zabransky's doppelganger Gerd Zambrewski
  5. The OBNUG intern's Top Cornerbacks for 2010

  1. Trevard Lindley - Kentucky
  2. Javier Arenas - Alabama
  3. Kyle Wilson - Boise State
  4. Crezdon Butler - Clemson
  5. Syd'Quan Thompson - California

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